Sunday, 24 November 2013


Finally an outfit post! I have been dying to do an outfit post lately but been struggling to find the time and even when I do have a minute or two it's been raining none stop.
You will see a lot of leather and fur this winter here. I have been a bit obsessive about leather and fur since the weather got a bit cold.

This skirt is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe at the moment. I promised my self that no matter how freezing cold it gets I'm going to wear more skirts and dresses this winter because as soon as it gets cold I normally just live in jeans and trousers and never experiment. 

Cropped tops have never been my thing but since getting my self some high waisted skirts and shorts I have been purchasing more and more cropped tops, in the form of t-shirts, shirts and sweaters. I'm not a winter person and I never get excited about layering up to the point where I can barely breath but I have  kinda been enjoying dressing for winter this year. It's mainly due to the fact that I have finally found items that I enjoy putting on in the morning. 

  Top - Zara (here)
   Skirt- Zara
  Boots - M&S (here)
Bag - eBay (here)

Don't get too excited about the handbag it's not what you think it is!! I actually bought it on eBay couple of months ago and I'm surprised how amazing the quality is. It also doesn't hurt that it looks so much like the actual Celine bag..:-) It's big enough to fit in all my bits and bobs and so easy to carry around as it's got the short handle as well as the adjustable long strap and quite a few compartments inside the bag. 

I have also got some exciting news! Singer22 is website that I came across recently as they awarded me with their "Arbiter of style" award. They have some amazing products and with Christmas around the corner there are quite a few pieces that I have added on to my wishlist :-)
What are your staple items this winter?? How do you incorporate these in to your everyday winter wardrobe?? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas:-) 

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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Recently my life has gotten so hectic and I feel like I'm always on the go. So it's not often that I get a chance to go shopping. Even when I do it's always rushed due to having a very impatient 3 year old. Online shopping has been a real life savoir for the past couple of months. 

My iphone is full of app's that makes shopping even more easier for me. I love apps that offer me different brands as it saves me a lot of time. I can make most of my purchases on one app rather than having to browse through a few and make couple of purchases ( save quite a lot on delivery charges too) 

I was getting a bit bored of browsing the same old apps every day/week because not many reliable apps give you the option to shop for many brands in one place. When I heard Mallzee has launched their new app I was very excited. I have always been a fan of Mallzee. 

My favorite part about Mallzee is that your spoilt for choice. Its not everyday you come across a app that allows you to browse through over 200 fashionable retailers on the high street. When they come in the likes of Mango, French connection, Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge I was hooked on the app in the first 5 minutes and I have not looked back.

 Mallzee is like your own personal shopper. When you first register and log in the app takes you through some questions about your fashion preferences and likes, then Mallzee will cater to your needs. I save so much time because of this feature as I only go through brands and the sort of fashion I like. (If I do change my mind about my likes and preferences there is always that option to change)

Here comes the best bit. You can create your OWN VIRTUAL WARDROBE!!! Need I say more??? 

I can't tell you enough how much I love this app. I have told you my reasons for loving this app, so don't just take my word for it! Download the app and have a look.

Go here to download the latest app and Don't forget to like them on facebook, twitter and google+  

Do you love this app as much as I do?? What other app's do you use to make shopping easier?? Your comments are most wellcome.
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Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend


Disclaimer - I am not paid or sponsored to do this post. I have been a fan of Mallzee since January this year and when they contacted me to let me know about the launch of their latest app, I wanted to share my personal experience using the app.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Phase Eight Blogger Competition – Style a Winter Coat

Styling is one of my favorite things about fashion. So when I heard about the new Phase Eight blogger competition to style a winter coat whats there not to like?? I also took part in their summer challenge here. 

I picked this Agnes Aztec Coat. I have been trying to break away from the typical winter color palette and go for brighter colors but I couldn't resist this coat. Why?? you ask me?? The first obvious reason have to be the fact that its covered two trends in one - Aztec and Monochrome. Second reason is the high collar, you can get away by not wearing a scarf. I know winter is all about layering but how much layers can a body take?? I try to dress as light as possible because there's nothing more exhausting that carrying around a weight of an elephant during winter. Dressing light does not mean you freeze your bottom off, because if you look at little detailing like this you can loose layers as well as keep warm.

This Coat is a loose fit which means you can opt for a belt if you want to create a shape. I like coats that give this option because I don't always want to fiddle around with a belt but some times I like to smarten things up a bit. This coat is great because I can save money by only investing in one coat but style it different for different occasions.

I can see my self wear this coat with almost everything but I would definitely prefer wearing this casual, where the coat is the statement piece.

This Autumn/Winter I'm a massive burgundy Fan. I know its been around for awhile but I have never embraced the color until now. By teaming the coat with these burgundy Amina jeggins, it will help break away from black and white that is dominating this outfit. In fact the contrasting colors will actually help the print and the monochrome pop out even more.

With tops I buy for winter I'm not so picky because it's all about keeping warm, So I go for basic sweaters, BUT colors and prints are really important because that is the best way to keep an outfit interesting on a daily basis when the weather depresses you!! This fluffy, slouchy Masidyn Metallic jumper is a favorite. The metallic gold and black yarn this jumper is made of gives this basic sweater a luxurious feel and a look.  

I stress so much about comfortable footwear in winter because I believe most of the foot problems that we get are due to squeezing your feet in to  small boots/shoes. I used to think spending less money and having as many boots as my shoe rack was the way to go. But now I would rather spend more and have a comfortable pair of boots that will last me through out winter. 

with this look I will definitely keep my foot wear simple, so I ll go for a basic black pair of ankle boots. These boots are perfect because their leather and have a chunky wooden block mid heel, great for everyday wear.

  I have kept accessorizing to the minimum because with a statement coat like this you don't necessarily need much.

I hope you like this post and if you are interested in taking part please feel free to do so here. Closing date is on the 21st October 2013!! 

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You're ideas and comments are very much Appreciated.



Sunday, 29 September 2013

These boots are made for walkin'???

So it's that time of the year again and to be honest I don't know why people claim to love this time of the year. I'm a summer person all the way. You would not ever hear me complaining about heat waves, in fact I love it. 

Let me tell you the first thing I hate about this weather. Shoes!!! I hate shopping for any sort of shoes because I can never find the right fit because I have such weirdly proportionate legs and feet. I'm a clothes size 6 and my feet are a very wide size 7, this is not helped by the fact that I have the tiniest ankles and calf's. 

So the transition started by me researching and shopping for boots. I was so prepared this time that I even found a cobbler (yes!! They still exists!!) I was ready to pay any amount of money for the right pair. But my excitement died little by little when I kept on trying pair after pair after pair. 

So here I am after purchasing 3 pairs of shoes in less than a week and still depressed as ever.

So my first pair are the famous MONTI cut out leather boots from Topshop. For some weird reason I could fit in to a size 6, which did make me very happy but I still had to get two extra holes on to the strap to get it to fit better around my ankle. All in all I'm quite pleased with these but how long  I can wear these before my toes freeze was what I kept thinking.

 So I went and bought these M&S Collection ankle boots with Insolia for £35. They are quite cheap and comfortable. Insolia  redistribute your weight away from the balls of the feet, which reduces pressure and increase ankle stability. Even though they said this will allow me to wear these boots all day long, at the end of a 8 hours shift I'm dying to get these off my feet. The boots are quite a wide fit and the heel is not too high so very practical and the fact that its got an adjustable buckle around the ankle makes it a lot workable for a person like me with tiny ankles. I have got to say that M&S have come to my rescue time after time in the past few seasons with their shoes and I am now a massive fan.

And then when I popped into Topshop to get some of their frilly socks I came across these shoes. They are the MUMBLE Croc Monk shoes. I fell in love with them the minute I put them on my feet. Its made with very soft leather like material so its very light and comfortable. Again I had to go a size down to a size 6. I don't know whats wrong with Topshop shoes that you have to go a size down. Size 7 was a bit too big and size 6 was quite a bit tight but the sales assistant assured me to go for the size 6 saying they will definitely stretch. I have worn them a couple of times and they still haven't stretched that much.

 I'm hoping these three pairs will see me through autumn and winter because I refuse to buy anymore shoes. 

 Where do you buy your winter shoes from?? What are the best places to buy comfortable shoes that doesn't make you want to cry at the end of the day???

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Birds and the flowers and a little bit of sunshine

It's been too long since I last blogged but I can't seem to find the time and if and when I do, I just don't seem to have the energy. This can only get worse next month because I'm starting a new job!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm going to be training for the first two weeks of September and then I'm going to be traveling quite a lot so how I'm going to find the time to blog is beyond me. 

Trying to catch up on lots of things this month before I start my new job. Spend as much time with the boys, find a nursery for my son, finish all the bits and bobs I started around the house that I never finish, catch up with my blogging and I'm still working because I don't leave my current job till the end of this month. 

Moving on to the outfit, I have wanted this dress ever since I saw it in Zara in the beginning of spring, but it was £49.99 (i think) so I didn't really want to buy it then and when I was ready it was transferred off to a another store. So I never got around to buying it, until I saw it in the sale last month for only £17.99!!! 

It's such a pretty dress. I have wanted to have a pretty cut out dress for ages but never found the right dress. I am a bit picky about what bits the cut outs going to be showing off. Since having my son, I have quite a few stretch marks on my tummy area, so I never found the right dress until this baby came around. I have a wedding next month so this dress will be perfect for that.

 The print is so summery and the cut of this dress is so flattering. As you can see the cut out is very safe and doesn't show off too much flesh and the back of the dress is just a plain high neck back. It's so comfortable to wear. The only thing I am not too happy with is the length if the dress. It's a little bit too long, I'm 5 7' and as you can see even with the wedges it's touching the floor. I was actually hoping to wear this dress with a pair of flat sandals after the wedding, but unless I get it shortened I don't think that will be possible.

 Dress - Zara
Necklace -H&M
Shoes - Primark 

I wanted to keep the styling of this dress very simple, plus with a dress this pretty you don't need to do much styling anyway.

What do you think about this dress?? Are a fan of the cut out dress trend??

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Hot Summer Days

Today's post is about a outfit I wore to a small garden party. I was so tempted to just go in a pair of shorts and a vest top because it was so so warm but it was a special occasion so I had to make an effort ( at least pretend)

Got this Topshop dress last year in the sale but I never got around to wear it. It actually came with a little black lace cropped top that you put over the dress but since it was way too hot I thought I'll lose that bit. 

I have used these sandals so much this summer. Worn them with jeans, skirts shorts and dresses they go with everything and so comfortable. Sometimes I forget I even have then on because they are so lightweight. I just hope this weather is here to stay because I can wear these more often because I absolutely love them

Dress- Topshop (old)
Long necklace - Miss Selfridge
Short Necklace - Accessorize
Shoes - Primark

If you live in the UK, are you loving this weather??  What do you think about this outfit? what do you consider when dressing for warm weather?

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

A different sort of post

It's the last day of my week off. Can't believe it's gone so fast and I could not have picked a better week. Today's post is a bit different (why not??) I don't want to turn this blog into a lifestyle blog but thought it'll be nice to include this really nice place I went to along with the outfit pictures. 

I really wanted to take some proper outfit pictures but it was so so warm that all three of us were very hot and bothered, so the pictures are not great which is why I can't really do a full outfit post. Hence the reason I wanted include couple of pictures of the park we went to.

The only reason I like living in Derbyshire is because of the really nice places around. If you follow me Instagram you must have seen more pictures. But this Park has to be one of my favorite places I have visited in Derbyshire. 

My outfit for the occasion was pretty much what I could easily grab out of my wardrobe. I wore this Topshop skirt here when the weather was much colder so it was nice to just wear it with a simple vest top and sandals. It is a bit short for a skirt because every time I bend down to carry my son I was told that I revealed a bit too much by my husband :-) But I love this skirt, it's a bit high waisted and really comfortable to wear.

Sorry the pictures look almost the same with no close up's or anything but the weather is to blame:)

Top- Bershka (old)
Skirt - Topshop
Satchel - Primark
Sandals - H&M

So a bit about the place...

River Gardens in Belper is not a massive Park compared to all the parks around the area but it's one of those places that you will fall in love with instantly. Last time I was there it was much less crowded, which is when I took the pictures of the park it self but my outfit pictures are from yesterday when it was so chaotic, there were kids running,  a little festival and then there were loads of wedding parties taking pictures. So considering the place is not big it was difficult to enjoy the lovely surrounding.

This is my first post that I have done a bit differently, I never really wanted to include anything lifestyle on here as I only wanted fashion related posts on my blog. So, Let me know what you think!!

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