Sunday, 14 April 2013

Brighter the Better

This is something that I wore on one of those days that I just couldn't bother. I have quite a few of those days quite often. Between working full time, house chores and running around my 3 year old and blogging, I some times barely have the energy to open one eye, let alone two! On a day like that my theory??? Brightest colour and the biggest print!!!

I admire people who take time to get dressed and apply their make up or go out to do FUN things. Unfortunately I lost that lovely freedom the day I became a mother and also decided I wanted to work full time. I'm not complaining because it kind of defines who I am and I adore my boys(my son and my husband) and I have also learnt to be grateful for the smallest things in life because of that - Like being able to sleep an extra 10 min's or actually have the time to have a bath with bubbles and candles and all that, do my nails, dry my hair, actually sit down and do my make up or my eyebrows and the list goes on. So to cut a long story short, I have learn to adjust and cut corners when it comes to daily rituals. If your a mother you will know exactly what I mean:)

I have never been the sort of person to wear bright colours or big prints but I have learnt that by doing so it can actually look like you have bothered and people can see past your dark circles and your tired looking skin. Plus it's hard to see baby stains:) Ok so my son is not a baby anymore so my life IS getting much much easier because he's three and he's quite a well behaved toddler but this is what I learnt along the way.

This shirt is from Zara. I don't know what attracted me to this shirt apart from the obvious (coral- my obsession) but I love the bold color and the print. I like the fact that the print has two main trends collaborated together- Floral and stripes! All in all this is one piece of item everyone should have whether you have time to get dressed or not:) 

It was a bit warmer the day I wore this outfit so i decided to get my slim fit cropped trousers out. As the day went on and I was running around I realized they were a tad loose on me. I haven't worn them since last summer so it seem to me I have lost a bit of weight. (Not complaining)

These H&M shoes are great as well because the heel is just the right size to be comfortable and look trendy. 

I do apologize for the pictures because I had no intention of sharing this outfit but decided against it later because I fell more and more in love with this shirt, so off to the roof top to get some pictures with Hannah using my crappy camera. 

Shirt- Zara (buy here)
Trousers -Gap (old - buy here)
Shoes - H&M

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday as the weather is just too glorious!!

Do you like this outfit? Do you cut corners or have tricks that you use to save time? Let me know as I love hearing your thoughts!

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Becci Holt said...

I love this shirt! Looks great on you! Love the shoes also, I've seen some like those from River Island which I added to my Spring Pins Blog! : )


Gorgeous look<33 Mind prancing by blog?
That Seams Lovely

Stephanie Smith said...

Love the shirt, the bold print with the floral is the perfect blend of the monochrome and floral trends which are big for spring/summer. I totally agree with cutting corner's when pushed for time,that is why I love summer so much, I can hide behind big sunglasses if I am looking a bit tired! xx

Becky P said...

i adore that blouse! It looks so chic and effortless! Love this outfit dear and you look amazing xx

Milex said...

you're on fire

Milex said...

you're on fire

Melissa Sydie said...

Gorgeous outfit, the bold print looks amazing on you! I'm not a parent but I know what it is like to have so little free time. I agree with you 100% - it is definitely the little things that count, and it's actually really nice to enjoy them between all the craziness! :)