Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Boyfriend Jeans it is

Since its getting a little bit warmer I have been wearing my boyfriend jeans a lot! Dressed down or up because I'm all about versatility( as you know)

When they first made head lines I wasn't too sure. I tried on a couple of pairs and found it didn't quite flatter my shape as I have no curves what so ever. I was desperate for something a bit different to my usual skinny jeans. A lot of people raved about ASOS jeans because obviously they have just kind of relaunched their denim collection, so I did try on a boyfriend pair from them but the design was so not me. The colour was lighter and I didn't really like the distress wash so I had to send it back to them.The bagginess literally buried me! So I didn't really bother and stuck to my usual skinny jeans. That was until I found these!

They are no doubt the most comfortable jeans I have ever tried on or owned. The fabric is so soft and light. Perfect for this weather. I wouldn't say it's your typical boyfriend shape though but this will do for me. I think it's for people exactly like me who wants to wear boyfriend jeans but don't really want to break away from your usual style THAT much. Unlike other boyfriend jeans, where you really have to be super cool to wear it and get away with it, these jeans are so flattering and suits any body shape. (and can also be worn by people who are not so cool- like my self)

One of my other favorite things about these jeans is that the rise is a bit higher than what I normally wear but its not uncomfortable at all because when your used to wearing low rise skinny jeans all the time, high rise needs a bit getting used to. How I have styled my boyfriend jeans is not one of my favorites because I'd swap the heels with flat pumps for a more relaxed look ( I love a good relaxed look)

This is such a simple look. I have worn a Plain white t-shirt and a blazer with the jeans. I wore this blazer here. Absolutely love this exotic leaf print and of course I had to wear this spike necklace to match it to the print( OCD about matching things)

I'm sorry I haven't posted any exciting outfits lately. I have been so busy, it's a miracle I find the time to blog. Between working full time, running around my 3 year old, house chores and spending some time with my husband, I haven't had time to be creative with my outfits. I just throw something on in the morning before I'm running around like a mad woman. So I will try my best to do some outfits that's actually a bit more exciting:-)

Jeans -Gap (here)
T-shirt -Topshop
Blazer - Quiz
Necklace - Primark

Have a Fab Week!

What do you think about this outfit? Are you a sucker for boyfriend jeans too? Where did you get your boyfriend jean from??

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Stephanie Smith said...

Love this outfit, boyfriend jeans look great dressed up or down, but my favourite way to wear them is defiantly with heels and statement blazer! Great outfit! x