Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Favorites

I have been blogging for some time now, so thought it ll be nice to introduce a once a month segment called "Monthly favorites". Since I mainly do fashion related posts I thought this will be a fun segment that I can include anything and everything I liked during the month. Let it be fashion, beauty, lifestyle or any other random thing. So be prepared for anything:) 
This month I haven't really liked much, Plus because it's the first time I'm doing this segment I thought I ll let you get used to it before I bombard you with pictures and information about random weird and wonderful things I love. (i have been told that I have rather unusual taste in things many many times)  

So my April fashion favorites!!!!!

My first one has to be the Topshop elephant print dungarees. How can you not fall in love with it? The tailored fit makes it fit you better than other dungarees and suits any body shape. It's such a simple design, no extra trims,pockets, zips or buttons. The simplicity of the dungarees and print makes this stand out from the rest and for £55 I think it's the most reasonable priced item I have bought for ages. It's from their new collection so grab one here

Second favourite?? My Celine t- shirt!!! I don't know what it is about this t- shirt that made me fall in love with it. It's been worn and blogged about by so many people and this normally puts me off buying something but after resisting the urge to buy it for so long I took the plunge and bought it in the beginning of this month. I have styled it and worn it with so many things in my wardrobe. This t- shirt will brighten up any dull day for me. Buy it here

 Zara trousers! Omg!! Don't think I can fall in love with these trousers any more than I already am. Get so many compliments when ever I wear it and I was even chosen as look of the day by Look magazine for these trousers! :-) Emerald green is the pantone colour for 2013, but I was a bit skeptical about wearing it because some times bright colours like this don't really suit my skin tone but the min I saw these trousers I knew we were a match made in heaven! The zip detail is gorgeous and the print is so pretty. For me it's breaking away from the denim and floral printed trousers I wear, so I love it. I will be wearing these all thorough out the year day and night. 

Here's my first ever non-fashion products on my blog! Maybelline Fit me foundation. I have found it so difficult to find a foundation that fits me. Some times have to use two different foundations on top of a tinted moisturiser to get the coverage I want, which is a nightmare because I end up looking cakey rather than fresh faced. 
When I first heard about this foundation I didn't think much of it but when I went in to Boots and went passed the Maybelline counter something stopped me. It was a small instruction board and it showed the number of the foundation you should go for depending on your skin tone. It was very specific! not two or three options but  exactly the shade that matches your skin tone depending of your skin tone (me-dark) then your skins undertone (me-yellow) simple as. Now I don't know about you but I hate asking these so called beauty consultants their opinion without feeling like a idiot. Some times they have no idea what they are talking about. I'm not much of a beauty expert so I want them to tell me exactly what is right for me and what is not, end of the day it's their specialty right? Anyway I loved the fact that the instructions were very straight forward. I simply picked the shade went to the counter and paid. Now this would have normally taken me over an hour to do. 
My make up routine is normally a lengthy one, because I have to get the right consistency to cover up all my flaws but this foundation is a god sent. It matches my skin tone just right. I don't even need any concealer under my eyes because the foundation covers it all. Even my husband noticed the different (this is massive because he never ever notice anything:)) Nowadays my makeup routine is foundation eyeliner little bit of blusher and lipstick - I'm good to go!!! I recommend this to anyone and everyone.  

I think that's enough for this month:-) Feel free to let me know your ideas and thoughts. I cut my favorites down to the bare minimum this month, so depending on how well received this is I will see what I can do to improve this little segment.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Please feel free to give me your suggestions and comments.

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Have a Fab week!!


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spring Love

Today's outfit is nothing special but something I wore when the weather was a bit nicer. I love maxi skirts, specially sheer light weight fabric once like these.

I got this maxi last year from Miss Selfridge, I don't really shop there that often because I think they are a bit overpriced but I do find quite nice reasonably priced bits when they go in to sale. This was one of them. I think the maxi skirt was £39 but I got it for £12. I have been in to Miss Selfridge recently and they have got some amazing, cheap jewellery in sale, prices starting from £3 (better than primark) so pop in and check it out!

 The skirts high waisted, so I opted for a bit loose fitted nude vest top and this cropped laser cut cardigan, which I have had for absolutely ages. Stacked these wooden bangles for a stand out appeal. I bought these couple of years ago from New Look ( I think) and they are still as good. It's not a big trend at the moment but I like something different every now and then.

I have been after this classic Ray Ban style sunglasses for some time. I don't wear sunglasses that often (not that we have any sun to wear them anyway) so I didn't really want to spend quite a lot of money on a original pair of Ray Ban's. When I spotted these in New Look, wait for it £2.50 I was over the moon. With  a £2.50 price tag I didn't really expect much from these to be honest. Just bought them because they are exactly what I have been after. BUT I'm very pleased with the quality and the fit and have been wearing them quite a lot.

Skirt - Miss Selfridge (old)
Top - topshop (old)
Cardigan - GAP (old)
Sandals - Bershka (old)
Necklace - Topshop

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. My posts haven't been that frequent because I have been too tired to do anything lately, so decided to take little break. Now that I am well rested, my blogging will hopefully get back to normal.

I will also be introducing a new segment to my blog going forward, so keep an eye out for that!:-)

Do you like maxi skirts?? How do you style yours? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Walk in the park

Seems like Spring is finally here! For how long I don't know. But while it's here I'm adamant that I am going to get the maximum wear out of all my spring/summer clothes! FACT!!

I have had two days off in the week(lush) the weather being this nice was a bonus. Decided to go for a walk in the park to get some well deserved fresh air, while wearing less layers of clothes for a change.

As you know I love my denim. I wear denim shorts through out the year. In winter with leggings or tights and in summer with t-shirts and vest tops but I have never attempted to really dress denim shorts up. Denim shorts are my holiday essentials, may be the reason why I don't tend to make an effort when wearing them. But after depressingly going through some LA street style photographs I thought I ll give it a go. I love how the Los Angelean's style their denim shorts, their styling give it this chic yet casual vibe. Though I don't really know how far I got with creating this chic yet casual look with my styling, I'm glad I gave it a go.

The top I chose is a very light weight see through fabric (not very weather appropriate given it's not that warm but YOLO) I normally wear a vest top underneath but decided against it, not that it makes any difference anyway and went all out with accessories (well more than what I normally wear). I bought these ballet pumps couple of weeks ago from Primark and thought it ll look great with the plain outfit. And my cheap Primark Satchel was a god send because it comes handy when I don't want to carry around my massive bag that I normally carry around.

I had my leather jacket with me just in case but once we started walking it did get quite warm so I didn't really need it. 
I know it's not a great outfit but it's something different to how I would normally wear denim shorts, so I thought I ll share it with everyone.

Shorts- Gap
Top- Zara
Shoes- Primark
Satchel - Primark

What do you think about this outfit? How do you style denim shorts? Let me know what you think.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

New found LOVE!

Dungarees! Ever since they hit the high street must have list I have been contemplating whether to embrace the trend or not. I have seen people who successfully wear it in their utter gorgeousness and then there's those who fail and I really didn't want to be one of them from the latter.

Denim dungarees is a big no no for me because I will probably get lost inside them somewhere, so I have been after something that is more appropriate for me just to try it on and see. Because I never thought I would find something that I would like, let alone love. 

I went into Topshop just to check out their sale but the minute I saw these Dungarees I just fell in love!! It was the light weight fabric, the style and most of all the print that caught my eye. With all that excitement I forgot to even check the price until I went to the tills only to be told that it was just £55!! I really do think that's a real bargain. 

I wanted to style it the most simplest way possible. With a statement print like this I don't think it needed much styling anyway. All it needed was a white simple t-shirt underneath and my black leather clutch and heels. The fit is so flattering, I think it's because they are tailored rather than just a loose fit. I absolutely love it.

The dungarees are not heavy at all so it will suit any body shape and I love the simplicity of these. If your worried about a full on dungarees look then try it on with a blazer, so it breaks the print and the style up a bit and will make it look as if it's a pair of trousers. 

Dungarees - Topshop (buy here)
White t-shirt - Zara
Clutch - Gap
Shoes - Old

What do you think about the dungarees?? How would you style it??

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Friday, 19 April 2013

G is for gold?

I'm starting to wear more and more colours that I didn't wear when I was younger. It's amazing how your taste and perception of things change with age and experience isn't it??

Gold is one of them colours. I didn't think it suited my dark skin colour. I stayed away from everything gold, even jewellery. I even went as far as to tell my mum I'm allergic to gold to get away from wearing something gold ( sorry mum)

But I have now embraced the colour. Not in full mode but I have the odd item and bucket loads of gold jewellery. I now like how the colour stand out from my skin colour.

This top is from Mango, when Kate Moss was the face (quite old). She wore this top in the advert and was sold out every where in the UK. I got this top from mango somewhere in Europe for a mere €5 in the sale (ha!ha! In your face) it's quite a rough fabric so I don't tend to wear it a lot apart from the odd night out or evening meal. But it's such a simple style that really make you stand out from the crowd.

It was a nice day, so what better excuse do we need to get our legs out?? I like this skater skirt because of its elasticated belt as to waist bands with zips you can pull it up for a high waisted look or pull down a bit for a lower waisted skirt. It has also got less volume than full flared skater skirt, which I also like. 

After putting this outfit together I thought it looked more like a night out outfit rather than what you would wear to a casual evening meal. So to make it look less like a night out look, I used these brown wedges and handbag. OMG! these wadges are heavenly!!! I don't know whether you would believe me if I tell you these are the first pair of wedges I own! But I have been on the look out for a pair for absolutely ages, but the massive heel on most of the wedges give me the shivers!! I mean come-on you have to be practical. There is no way I am going to wear a 6 inch wedge and not fall off and break my face.  But not with these, as they are so easy to wear. They are from Primark and only £16!!! They are so comfortable. You don't even feel them on your feet. No cut's, bruises or limping with these shoes. They are quite a recent purchase so head to primark if your after a pair (they also do them in black) 

Top-Mango (old)
Skirt -Topshop (old)
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - H&M

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know what you think because I love reading all your comments:)

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Have a fab Weekend you lovely people!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A t-shirt called Celine

Ahoy, me hearties!!(been watching too many pirate cartoons) Hope your all doing well and enjoying the sunshine. Before I get going with my post today, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone of you who read my blog and Follow me, because I just hit 4000 page views today!!! Now this may not seem like a massive number but considering I have only been blogging for less than 3 months I am beyond happy and excited and truly truly grateful. So once again THANK YOU so so much for taking the time to drop by my little blog!! 

So moving on.......

I got quite excited about this Celine t-shirt. May be it's the simplicity of the t-shirt but I just can't seem to get enough of it. Now I know it's been worn an blogged about a billion times but I love a good versatile t-shirt that I can just put on and go! 

Since we have been a bit lucky with the weather and all lately I thought I ll dig out these gorgeous trousers I bought from Zara last week to go with the t-shirt. I love the print the colour and specially the zip detail on these. And oh! boy the fit!! cropped and slim fit, my best friend!! Run and grab your self a pair because they are super comfortable and look way too expensive than they actually are. If you don't want to do the whole printed trouser look then they also do these in plain colours. 

I didn't want to go too crazy with styling this t-shirt because the trouser and the t-shirt it self is quite statement pieces, so accessorized with both silver and gold accessories. Didn't use all gold accessories because with the gold zip detailing on the trouser I felt that I might overkill the look with so much gold.

Trousers - Zara (buy here)
T-shirt - E-bay (buy here)
Bag - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Old

 What do you think about this look? If you have styled this t-shirt in a different way send me a link, I would love to see it!

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Brighter the Better

This is something that I wore on one of those days that I just couldn't bother. I have quite a few of those days quite often. Between working full time, house chores and running around my 3 year old and blogging, I some times barely have the energy to open one eye, let alone two! On a day like that my theory??? Brightest colour and the biggest print!!!

I admire people who take time to get dressed and apply their make up or go out to do FUN things. Unfortunately I lost that lovely freedom the day I became a mother and also decided I wanted to work full time. I'm not complaining because it kind of defines who I am and I adore my boys(my son and my husband) and I have also learnt to be grateful for the smallest things in life because of that - Like being able to sleep an extra 10 min's or actually have the time to have a bath with bubbles and candles and all that, do my nails, dry my hair, actually sit down and do my make up or my eyebrows and the list goes on. So to cut a long story short, I have learn to adjust and cut corners when it comes to daily rituals. If your a mother you will know exactly what I mean:)

I have never been the sort of person to wear bright colours or big prints but I have learnt that by doing so it can actually look like you have bothered and people can see past your dark circles and your tired looking skin. Plus it's hard to see baby stains:) Ok so my son is not a baby anymore so my life IS getting much much easier because he's three and he's quite a well behaved toddler but this is what I learnt along the way.

This shirt is from Zara. I don't know what attracted me to this shirt apart from the obvious (coral- my obsession) but I love the bold color and the print. I like the fact that the print has two main trends collaborated together- Floral and stripes! All in all this is one piece of item everyone should have whether you have time to get dressed or not:) 

It was a bit warmer the day I wore this outfit so i decided to get my slim fit cropped trousers out. As the day went on and I was running around I realized they were a tad loose on me. I haven't worn them since last summer so it seem to me I have lost a bit of weight. (Not complaining)

These H&M shoes are great as well because the heel is just the right size to be comfortable and look trendy. 

I do apologize for the pictures because I had no intention of sharing this outfit but decided against it later because I fell more and more in love with this shirt, so off to the roof top to get some pictures with Hannah using my crappy camera. 

Shirt- Zara (buy here)
Trousers -Gap (old - buy here)
Shoes - H&M

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday as the weather is just too glorious!!

Do you like this outfit? Do you cut corners or have tricks that you use to save time? Let me know as I love hearing your thoughts!

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Bit Lady Like

This outfit's got three of my favorite things!! Coral, Lace and leopard print. However I never thought I would ever wear all three of these in one go without looking a bit OTT.

This dress is such a pretty dress. I fell in love with it the moment I set my eye's on it. The colour being coral helped massively (as you all know I'm massively into anything coral at the moment) It's great for summer. A summer wedding, night out or just a casual stroll in the park - I love a good versatile piece and this ticked all boxes. 

It was never my intention to style the dress with leopard print accessories. But there's something about the delicate lace being clashed with leopard print. I did have a leopard print clutch as well and I don't know why I didn't use it in the pictures. With the clutch and the shoes, I kept the accessories to a minimum and used a gold chain detailed belt and gold Necklace and bracelet. 

The finish of this dress is great. There is a cotton lining inside and for once the waist is so neatly! No awkward stitching and no threads out , very very neatly done. I could have left the belt out. But there's too much lace so I wanted to break it up a little.

The fit and the cut of this dress is a let down though. I don't really think it suits all shapes and size's. When you wear the dress it makes you look a bit top heavy. (a few people who tried the dress on told me the same - so it's not me being weird) I felt the waist is a bit high as well- this can just be me being weird. 

Dress - Gap
Shoes - Primark (£6 only!!)
Necklace and bracelet -H&M

TGIF!! Have a fab weekend!!

What do you think about this outfit? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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