Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Print on Print

             I have always admired people who can pull off print on prints. Unfortunately I have never been brave enough to attempt to pull off this tricky trend. So I thought its now or never. I wanted to pick totally different prints which  will not compliment each other when put together. Chose two prints I have always wanted to try together, polka dots and coconut leaf print. ( blog- polka dots and Coconut leaf print yay?) I love this blazer, especially the print because it reminds me of sunny holidays by the beach and that thought it self is enough to keep me going till summer. My obsession with anything cobalt blue was the main reason I picked these trousers, which is totally in this summer.

I kept the accessories to a minimum because I wanted the prints to do all the talking. I also love the fact that the trousers are cropped. Thought I'd use the Off white top to break the two prints a bit because I still wasn't convinced that I was doing the prints justice. However I am very pleased with the outcome.

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