Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Today's post is a bit different. My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and even though I didn't do it on purpose I have unintentionally created a wishlist on my notes app (don't you love it when that happens??) So I thought today I ll round it up and do a little post. I don't make a big fuss of my birthday normally, just spend the day with family but this year I thought I'd go all out. 

I'm quite reasonable when it comes to gifts and things I want and I'm very easily pleased. (I like to think so)

Birthday Wishlist

Motel Molly Long sleeve Playsuit - I have been getting drawn to Vintage Inspired Pieces lately and this this playsuit is one of my Favorites and the Brocade print gives the playsuit that extra wow factor. The colour is so refreshing to break away from the dark coloured playsuit's that are out there in the high street. With a price tag of £45 its definitely a winner!!!  

Choies Studded Heels - Every ones been going crazy over valentino's studded sandals but the price tag's been a bit high for me to afford. So for us mere mortals I have found this look alike babies. Seen this pair on couple of blogger's and it looks as good as the real deal.

Micheal Kors Gold Watch - Been lusting after Micheal Kors watches since I can remember but they have been way too big for my small wrist and this is perfect size. Even if I get this one apart from the rest I will probably be the most happiest birthday girl.

Zara high pointed Heel shoe - I had to add this Zara pointed heels, as much as I try to stay away from them my heart skips a beat every time I see them. 

Zara Jacquard Pattern Jacket - Weather being a bit warmer than normal but yet not too warm means it's time to invest in a jacket but I didn't want the same old type of leather or light weight jacket. On my quest to find something different I found this jacket.

So that's the end of my Birthday wishlist and they are all quite reasonable (right??) My must haves! Hope you'r all having a great week, if not hang in there its almost Friday!!

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Malo B said...

Превосходный выбор! Особенно нравятся туфли Zara!!!

Deepali Suryawanshi said...

I absolutely loved the birthday wishlist! want them all too!!