Friday, 12 July 2013

Festival Love

The weather has been so nice lately and to top it off I'm having a week off. Talk about perfect timing! Caught up with alot of things specially spending some time with my little boy. We went to the park and the museum, did our garden and finally managed to get our little paddling pool out, I cannot believe how much I'm enjoying this time off.

Today's outfit is very festive inspired and its already been featured on ASOS fashion finder:-) and here. I'm not at all a festival fan only because the weather in UK is never festival proof and its wet, muddy and horrible but I'm hating myself for not getting tickets for the wireless festival this weekend because its guaranteed the weather is going to be beautiful (for once) it would have been the icing on the cake for my perfect week off. 

Crown and glory floral head bands are the best for this look. But I just used a simple hair band I got from New Look (I think) 

My go to GAP shorts and Celine t-shirt (I wore here) with my winter biker boots! Simple! My son definitely loved mummy with flowers look:)

Denim shorts - GAP (old)
T-shirt - Celine
Boots - Primark (OLD)
Head band - New Look

What do you think about this festival look? Going for a festival this summer??

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Busola Coutts said...

Aww love your entire look and the outfit. Yes, i am so crazy about shorts this season. You look so pretty and you son is the cutest. I have a little one too so i can totally relate :.

Dajana Miletic said...

So beautiful!

Malo B said...

Вы с сыном такие милые!!!! Образ потрясающий!!!!!!!!

Ish Kolesnik said...

Thanx! X

Ish Kolesnik said...

Spasiba:-) x

Ker Yi Lau said...

Nice outfit. Love how the flower headband adds a touch of femininity to your look=D


Jannine Bandiola said...



Barbara Valentina Grimaldi said...

this look is lovely