Sunday, 29 September 2013

These boots are made for walkin'???

So it's that time of the year again and to be honest I don't know why people claim to love this time of the year. I'm a summer person all the way. You would not ever hear me complaining about heat waves, in fact I love it. 

Let me tell you the first thing I hate about this weather. Shoes!!! I hate shopping for any sort of shoes because I can never find the right fit because I have such weirdly proportionate legs and feet. I'm a clothes size 6 and my feet are a very wide size 7, this is not helped by the fact that I have the tiniest ankles and calf's. 

So the transition started by me researching and shopping for boots. I was so prepared this time that I even found a cobbler (yes!! They still exists!!) I was ready to pay any amount of money for the right pair. But my excitement died little by little when I kept on trying pair after pair after pair. 

So here I am after purchasing 3 pairs of shoes in less than a week and still depressed as ever.

So my first pair are the famous MONTI cut out leather boots from Topshop. For some weird reason I could fit in to a size 6, which did make me very happy but I still had to get two extra holes on to the strap to get it to fit better around my ankle. All in all I'm quite pleased with these but how long  I can wear these before my toes freeze was what I kept thinking.

 So I went and bought these M&S Collection ankle boots with Insolia for £35. They are quite cheap and comfortable. Insolia  redistribute your weight away from the balls of the feet, which reduces pressure and increase ankle stability. Even though they said this will allow me to wear these boots all day long, at the end of a 8 hours shift I'm dying to get these off my feet. The boots are quite a wide fit and the heel is not too high so very practical and the fact that its got an adjustable buckle around the ankle makes it a lot workable for a person like me with tiny ankles. I have got to say that M&S have come to my rescue time after time in the past few seasons with their shoes and I am now a massive fan.

And then when I popped into Topshop to get some of their frilly socks I came across these shoes. They are the MUMBLE Croc Monk shoes. I fell in love with them the minute I put them on my feet. Its made with very soft leather like material so its very light and comfortable. Again I had to go a size down to a size 6. I don't know whats wrong with Topshop shoes that you have to go a size down. Size 7 was a bit too big and size 6 was quite a bit tight but the sales assistant assured me to go for the size 6 saying they will definitely stretch. I have worn them a couple of times and they still haven't stretched that much.

 I'm hoping these three pairs will see me through autumn and winter because I refuse to buy anymore shoes. 

 Where do you buy your winter shoes from?? What are the best places to buy comfortable shoes that doesn't make you want to cry at the end of the day???

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Lucy Mason said...

They are really cute! Great post, would you like to follow each other on GFC? xx

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