Monday, 2 June 2014

Day to Night

I like my casual clothing to be casual, my going out to be going out and my holiday clothing to be just that. But lately I'm trying to cut back on my spending because lets just say I spend way too much money on unnecessary things.
I'm trying to push my self to wear my clothes for different occasions by styling them a bit different. This outfit is a prime example of how I want to wear my clothes going forward. 

 This is how I wore these lace shorts during the day. I love comfortable outfits and boyfriend t-shirts are kind of my thing this summer (so I decided). Don't we always carry an extra layer around with us here in the UK for the ever changing weather?? This denim shirt was my extra layer even though I didn't necessarily need it that day I loved the edginess it added to the outfit.

I was given 10 minutes to change to go out that day as it happened to be my birthday:-) Was lying on the sofa after big fat meal watching TV when my husband announced that he was taking me out for drinks. I like planning my outfits and 10 minutes is definitely not enough to get ready for a birthday girl is it?

Since I was already wearing the shorts and the t-shirts I thought I would base my night outfit around them. Was quite pleased with the outcome. I would definitely wear a little bit more make up and jewellery if I had a little bit extra time

Shorts - H&M (sold out online)
T- Shirt - Primark
Heels & Bag - Primark 

Sorry it's kind of a long post but I wanted to share how easy it is to turn a casual day outfit into a going out one.

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Tiny Tang said...

Oh my goodness i love both outfits! I've recently been buying items that i can change from day to night easily as well;p but these looks are gorgeous. Your shoes in your night look are to die for and you look so gorgeous in both. Great job! :) x
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Ish Kolesnik said...

Thank so much! X

Nina Mandić said...

Love that shorts dear :)
New post is on the blog check out :)

Maxi Paul said...

I also have the problem of spending too much money on clothes that i rarely wear, this inspired me to utilise what i have! Love both looks :)

Ish Kolesnik said...

Thank you! X

Ish Kolesnik said...

Guess it's quite a common problem then. Love your blog. Following you on bloglovin x

ur li'l miss sunshine said...

i am soo liking your bottoms!! It's sooo me!

ur li'l miss sunshine said...