Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cozy Cardi day

The weather s been crazy. Snowing nonstop, don't think I have ever seen it snow like this!
I was very lucky though as I've had 4 days off work so been in doors and done the minimum amount of travelling.

So the outfit today is very weather appropriate. Like I said on my last blog I am fed up of complaining about this weather so I'm trying to find better ways to layer my clothes rather than wearing chunky heavy knits all the time. I already started taking out my summer clothes from the back of my wardrobe before the weather went crazy. So it's been great trying to mix my summer bits with winter clothes. 

I'm a massive fan of earthy colors. I wear these sort of colors on a regular basis and introduce bright colors every now and then to break away from the habit of wearing the same sort of colors all the time. 
The pictures are not that great. I was busy whole of last week organizing a very special birthday party, which is why I haven't been blogging frequently last week. So come Saturday which is when I took these pictures I was exhausted and you can really see it in the pictures:(  Plus it was snowing very heavily so I had to take the pictures inside and I'm not 100% happy with the lighting.

So moving on to the outfit, I don't normally dress up my cardigan's. I like to put it over my long sleeve t-shirts or dresses. Cardigan's are my safe blanket if I cant be bothered. I own cardigan's in every possible color you can think of, both summer and winter. This Zara cardigan is on the bottom of my favorite list because it's a cotton mix and I like them 100% cotton as they wash well and good for the skin. Try to always get everyday items you wear that's 100% cotton or at least 95% cotton mix because it helps your skin breath and is less likely to irritate skin. I'm weird like that so I always look at what the fabric is made of.

The snake print top I have underneath is one of my favorite top's. It's a light see through fabric. The pussy bow detail is a bit out dated but I think it's a great feature for this outfit.  I initially wanted to just wear the top with these waxed jeans from H&M. But seeing as it was about -4 degrees I decided to put the cardigan over it and use a belt to gather the front. Think my favorite M&S boots and bag pull the outfit together. It also helped that the bag, belt and boots blend in rather than pop out. I stayed very warm and it was super cosy too.

I want to add a couple of things about these waxed H&M jeans though. I bought them last year and they are still as good. Because I've worn them so much the the shine is less visible but I'm thinking of buying some fabric wax to try and wax it my self. Only because before I found these I looked every where for the right shine. I didn't want too shiny. I almost wanted like a leather shine. The once I found were either too expensive or the fit was just not right. These H&M jeans were only £29.99 and they are a very light weight soft denim,which is great.

Boots -M&S Limited Edition 

Hope you all had a good weekend! (apart from the horrible weather of course:) )

What do you think about this outfit? Your idea's and comments are most well come. 

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