Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wild Things

Morning after the clocks go back or forward I always wake up very confused and this morning was not any different. I was very naughty though because I slept till about 11 am. I can't genuinely remember the last time I slept this late, specially since I have a very over active 3 year old who make it his mission to wake me up so early every morning even on my days off. So it was so nice I was able sleep a bit later than normal.

The weather was amazing today, a bit chilly but sunny for a change. Today's outfit is one of my favorites  It wasn't though when I first put it on. But after seeing the pictures I will probably wear this outfit more frequently. I bought this peplum top from Primark last summer. I'm not a big peplum fan, in fact I hate it but I bought this top because I love the leopard print and thought I'd try it out.I forgot all about it,until last week when I was going through my clothes to find something and came across the top still with the tags and the receipt:-) 

Some times my wardrobe is like a little treasure hunt. I come across things I didn't even know I have. I'm not very proud of it though because its such a waste of money. But I'm so much better now and try to hang things out rather than just throw it in, so I can see what I have.( if I say so my self)

I don't normally buy fashion pieces from primark unless it's their Limited Collection. So I wasn't expecting much from this top. But I'm so impressed. The cut is perfect. I've got quite broad shoulders for my size 6 frame ( I used to be a swimmer) so I was very skeptical about wearing this cut but it wasn't too bad at all.

I used the belt because I like clean lines on my clothes. The belt kind of break the print and show the peplum feature more. The black wet look jeans go really well with the top but if you want a more casual look this top will look very good with white cropped jeans and nude or tan pumps as well.

I folded the hem of the jeans to make it look as if they are ankle length jeans because I wanted to balance the top length and the bottom length. If the jeans are too long I was worried that it ll look out of proportion, which I see a lot when wearing peplum tops. ( hate hate hate high wasted peplum tops n pencil skirt combos)

Kept jewellery to the minimum because the print is quite strong. I love the gold statement ring, its such a beauty. Used my leather bag as a clutch this time ( one of my many versatile items)

Being so fussy about proportions and balance, I wanted my feet and ankles out so these plain black heels were perfect.

Hope you all had a amazing Easter Sunday and getting ready for some bank holiday shopping!

What do you think about this top? Are you a fan of peplum tops, skirts and dresses? How do you style yours? 

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Heather Shirley said...

Just come across your blog and absolutely love your style! Keep it up :) xxx

Heather Shirley said...

Just come across your blog and absolutely love your style! Keep it up :) xxx