Saturday, 16 March 2013

Layer up

I have been feeling very uninspired lately. Don't know whether it's the fact that the weather has been unpredictable or I have been too tired to even put an outfit together. I took couple of outfit pictures but I'm not very happy with them so didn't really want to blog about them.

I thought I'd share this outfit because I was in a rush and just threw this together. The monochrome top is one of my last years summer favorites.


 The skater skirt and the shirt underneath was the outfit I was planning on wearing and came across the monochrome top while looking for something else. It was like meeting an old friend that you haven't seen for awhile, so I took it out and just put it on top of the shirt just for the fun of it and added a belt because it was both quite loose fitted. I liked what I saw so I wore it out. I must admit I did feel a bit silly but couple of people said they loved it. It's kind of like a 'preppy grown up look'. What make this outfit work is because both top's are the same light weight fabric, so there is no clashing textures. I have also stuck to plain ankle boots and no jewellery at all. Matched the collar detail on the shirt to the detail on my handbag which to me pulled the overall look together. 

I do apologize for the pictures. The weather was pants and it was starting to hail and my photographer/husband was complaining about me dragging him in such horrible weather conditions.

What do you think about this outfit?? Epic fail or have I managed to pull it off? 

Hope your all having a good weekend! Apart from the horrible weather of course.


Vanessa said...

LOve your bag.^^

Stephanie Smith said...

you have definitely managed to pull this look off. I especially like the shirt with the collar detail.

Claudia said...

Great Layering, I think You pulled it off perfectly, hahah!

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Claudia xx