Friday, 22 March 2013

Let it snow

Ok! So I'm very tired of complaining about this ever changing weather. Every morning I wake up and look at the weather forecast before deciding what to wear, which I'm starting to hate because I like to plan my outfits and decide what I'm going to wear in advance. To be honest my winter clothes are battered and desperately in need of refreshing or replacing. So today's outfit was mainly put together out of frustration. 

So I know what you'r all thinking. It's snowing, windy, -2 outside and I'v got my toes out! Apart from taking these pictures and getting in to and out of the car I was safely indoors. I am sensible :) 
I have been after a mustard top for absolutely ages but never been able to find the right color I wanted until I spotted this top. I love my cropped floral printed skinny's. Bought these for summer because I love the light floral print on them. The print on the jeans are very subtle, not so in-your-face like other printed jeans.
I'm obsessed with anything cobalt blue. I decided to use the blue clutch and shoes because mustard and cobalt blue together bring out the best in both colors. Love how the clutch and the shoes just pop out against mustard.
Again I didn't use much accessories. Just piled on some gold and silver rings and I'm good to go!

Jeans - Gap
Clutch - ASOS

Last but not least I would like to ask you all a massive favor. I am very new to this whole blogging world but I like to think my personal style and finds that I share with you all are current, interesting and useful. So I would forever be grateful if you can nominate my blog on the Company style blogger award here in Best personal style blog - Newcomer category :) 

Have a Fab weekend!

What do you think about this outfit? Loving the color combo or not so much?


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good job!

Melissa Sydie said...

Gorgeous outfit!!! You are so beautiful!!! I really like your blog, which is why I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!! :) See my blog for more details!!! :)

Stephanie Smith said...

Love this outfit, you look great! x

Stephanie Smith said...

I have voted for you! Please would you be able to vote for me under 'Best Fashion Blog Newcomer' thank you.

Ish Kolesnik said...

Thank you so much! I ll check your blog x