Friday, 29 March 2013

Turn up the music

TGIF!! I'm glad to see the back of this week. Cold, miserable and wet. Not that it's going to get any better next week though.

Moving on to my outfit:-) Let me introduce you to my favorite Leather skirt! I absolutely love this skirt. I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon and buy a leather skirt for the sake of it because everyone s wearing it or because every blogger in the universe is blogging about them. I like to find statement pieces that's quite unusual and this skirt is exactly that. So I normally don't wear my skirts this short but hey! YOLO!

This leather skirt has got a uneven hem, which is why it look rather short from the front but it's longer from the back ( don't want to walk around with my bum cheeks out now do I?? ) It is quite a comfortable length though so you don't have to risk doing a Britney Spears or Paris Hilton:)

The zip detail on the front give it a edgier, more tougher look. The leather (obviously not real) is really soft and thin and feels really nice on the skin. It was a bit cold but it was so so nice to get my legs out for a change plus leather don't do too well with tights. And I thought its time I put my all year round tan to good use as well:-)

Paired the skirt up with a more softer top. I love lace but it has to be the right design because some lace designs tend to look a bit cheap. This top is perfect because it's so versatile, as you can wear it on a night out, casual or formal and I love that about clothes because you can really get your moneys worth rather than waiting for a special occasion to wear it. 

I wore the shoes because the colour blend in with my skin so it makes my outfit stand out more (also make my legs look longer?) I use my leather bag because it pretty much goes with anything and I wanted to keep the outfit monochrome but you can really go crazy with the accessories.

Top & Skirt - H&M
Bag - Gap (old)
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (old)

Happy Easter and hope your all have a lovely long weekend!

What do you think about the leather skirt? Do you think there are better ways to style this skirt? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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